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Female First - Interview January 2014

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Exclusive interview with Yemi Elegunde


by Lucy Walton | 28 January 2014



Time Will Tell covers a pivotal period of my life and hopefully gives the audience a very different perspective into the issue of International Parental Abduction which is when one parent takes their child or children away from their home to live in another country without the knowledge or consent of the other parent.



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25 days until publication

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36 Days to go till the Publication of the updated version of Time Will Tell

Below is an extract from the single most talked about page in the original book...

There was always a lot of poo to watch out for on the paths that lead to the toilet. I made my way into the latrine and checked for a reasonably clean pit which was also a rarity. I found an ideal one, pulled my shorts and pants down and squatted.


A few minutes later with all sorts of thoughts going through my mind, my instinct had told me to look up at the shabby aluminium roof above my head, so I turned my flash light up towards the roof and there, wrapped around one of the planks that supported the roof, was a deadly poisonous green mamba. I was terrified; I shone my light away from the snake and took a sly glance around other parts of the roof where I spotted a couple more snakes looking comfortable. Immediately, I realised I didn’t need the toilet anymore, I cleaned up slowly, stood up as quietly and carefully as I could. I was petrified as I took my first slow steps towards the exit.

I got out as fast as I could, yet it seemed like forever as I didn’t want to disturb any of the snakes, as soon as I was out, I ran, I didn’t care what I might step on, I needed to smash the 500 yard record back to the relative safety of the hostel.

That was the last time I ever went to the latrines on my own at night. From there on in, my options where clear to me. If I could not get anyone else to go with me in the dark, then it had to be the “shot putts” or hold it in until the morning.



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