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At the age of just Seven, Yemi and his sister were taken away from their family home in London, England by their dad, leaving their mum behind.


He grew up in Nigeria, Africas most populated country. He finished his primary, secondary and A-Level education in Nigeria and lived there for over 14 years. Today he works as The UK Sales Manager for American Hard Drive manufacturer Western Digital and lives in Bedfordshire, where, amongst his hobbies, he is an experienced county F.A Referee. He has one daughter.

This is the true story of a family torn apart by International Parental Child Abduction.

In September 1973, Yemi was just seven years old when he and his younger sister were taken away from England by their dad without their mums knowledge or consent.


From the bright lights of Londons Holland Park into the power cuts and very rural life of Lagos state in Nigeria, all in the blink of an eye.

They lived and grew up in Nigeria for over fourteen years, where the only communication they had with their mum was by letters. Without social media, computers or mobile phones, how does a mother track down her missing children? How do the children adapt to the sudden change of lifestyle?


This is the story of the events through the eyes of that seven-year-old child, from the moment he realised he was in a different country.


 Yemi relates the stark change of culture, the new family and the voyage of self-discovery. The

book covers his roller-coaster young life of apprehensions and ecstasy, his rebellions, and his loves. It follows his anger as he grew from boy to teenager and his eventual reconciliation with himself and his parents.

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